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There is ginseng again

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Outstanding Ginseng in medicinal quality is characterized by its clear origin, great potency and high purity - preferably from sustainable production.

However, ginseng as described in classical formulations has not been available in reliable active quality for decades.

For the first time, natural ginseng is available again in its original purity and strength - in full-spectrum quality from sustainable EU aqua-culture.


As active ingredient researchers, we have long searched in vain for genuine & good ginseng. We wanted to rely only on effective and pure plants.

As pharmacists, we quickly realized: It doesn´t exist (any more). Yet there are three major issues that are currently causing us concern: Origin, strength and purity.

And we have found a way that masters all challenges.


Ginseng is increasingly being adulterated, stretched, mixed with sand or replaced with ineffective parts of the plant. 

  • Tip 1: Prefer the Korean "Panax Ginseng" C.A. Meyer with the greatest variety of bioactive ingredients.
  • Tip 2: Only use ginseng with a certificate of authenticity and origin. Best from qualified, well audited suppliers.


Ginseng harvested too early or poorly extracted often contains too low levels of the effective bioactive ingredients.

  • Tip 3: Safeguard your therapy by using the whole root to avoid losses of non-soluble ingredients during extraction.
  • Tip 4: Rely on mature ginseng roots containing all natural ingredients ensuring proven bioavailability in patient´s bodies.


Conventionally grown ginseng is sprayed with pesticides, is never completely pollutant-free & leaches the soil for years.

  • Tip 5: Get real ginseng from sustainable and controlled cultivation without negative impact on environment & climate.
  • Tip 6: Trust only guaranteed high-purity ginseng without additives and avoid long and expensive transport routes.

If you are wondering whether...

  • the recipe also contains genuine red ginseng from Korea.
  • the root is derived from "Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer".
  • no other plant parts, e.g. leaves, are included
  • the ginseng has been mixed with ineffective plants or sand
  • only pure roots were used in the production
  • the root is contaminated with residues from agriculture
  • heavy metals from polluted soils are contained in the ginseng.
  • further pollutants are produced by over-processing
  • the cultivation contributes to the deforestation of the natural rainforest
  • the energy-intensive cultivation uses too much water
  • the root was harvested early and contains fewer natural substances
  • the ginseng has been extracted and processed with additives
  • the full spectrum of important ingredients is available
  • the ginseng is packaged in an environmentally friendly and ecological way
  • the product information is complete and reliable

... you´ve come to the right place.


The good news: it's available again - effective ginseng!

  • Natural ginseng has recently been grown in Europe in sustainable aqua cultures. The process was developed with EU funding as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional, energy-intensive agriculture. Aqua culture saves energy, water and land area - and the ginseng packaging is 100% compostable.
  • The ginseng roots are optimally supplied with nutrients during their growth, the ambient air and water are filtered during cultivation: Negative environmental influences stay outside. The result is roots of the highest purity: Free of pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals or other contaminants.
  • The ginseng enriches the most effective ingredients in the highest concentration and almost completely reproduces the full spectrum of the extinct, natural wild ginseng. The gently harvested roots are dried, but not extracted - so the entire full spectrum of all ingredients is retained. The efficacy is outstanding and has been proven in clinical studies .


If you also want to know what makes good ginseng:

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Company info:

HiQ-Nature GmbH is a young, owner-managed company based in North Hesse that develops natural products based on evidence with scientific standards. We produce safe products for health-conscious customers as well as therapists, pharmacists & doctors with a specialization in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) appreciating high quality standards.

What we unfortunately do not always get: Plants with a reliable spectrum of efficacy, from a safe origin and of high purity. We are very concerned that raw plants are increasingly being adulterated, contaminated with environmental toxins and offered in poor quality. As a small and flexible company, we consistently rely on quality risk management and knowledge in order to not only promise high quality, but also to be able to prove it and deliver it reliably.

As a smart manufactory, we further develop natural products with modern, Western methods and combine them with the Far Eastern knowledge of holism and Qi. We understand the connection between process and quality: With the experience of over 20 years of drug production, we stand for scientific procedures as well as the highest purity and safety standards.

We trust in clinical studies and medical evidence of therapists. In addition, we demonstrate the efficacy of our products directly, non-invasively and quickly through "end-to-end" tests using qEEG. We are not convinced of our products until we have tested them on ourselves. We have clear answers to the question of the bioavailability of the effective plant ingredients in the brain - documented in black and white.

The HiQ-Nature founder team:


Dr. rer. nat. Torsten Schmidt-Bader

Specialist Pharmacist & Founder HiQ-Nature

As a doctor of pharmacy and specialist pharmacist for pharmaceutical analytics focusing on complex analytical tasks & process risks during development and production, I have worked for small & large drug manufacturers for many years. Since 2009, I have been working as a freelancer supporting companies in the life sciences to achieve their quality goals. Early on, I wondered where the "healthy" in food comes from. After many years of research, experience with natural substance producers and participation in expert committees, it is clear to me today that it is the "bioactive" secondary natural substances in plants that can help us with their preventive potential for health. My heart beats for the preservation of mental freshness and physical performance into old age through controlled, highly pure and reliable natural products.

Herzlichst   Torsten Schmidt-Bader


Dr.-Ing. Thomas Lettmann

Bioprocess Engineer & Founder HiQ Nature

As a bio-process engineer with a doctorate, I have long been passionate about "high-quality" products. From an early age, I was fascinated by sophisticated analytical procedures for the quality testing of biological products. The practical implementation of efficient processes in quality organisations has become my consulting focus. In China I discovered a plant that is widely unknown in Europe, which is both a foodstuff, a stimulant and a proven TCM medicine. That was the start of our "HiQ Standard", which united my enthusiasm for "multipotent" natural plants and the commitment to "high quality". With "HiQ Nature" I can integrate my respect for Asian healing arts and western evidence-based and quality-based product development in the best possible way.

Herzlichst   Thomas Lettmann

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